The Building Loss Specialists

Before or after a Loss, we are the Building People

What We Do

At Integral we provide a variety of reports which focus on providing the building owner, before or after a loss, with evaluations of the building and/or the building conditions.

The Building Underwriting Appraisal Reports provide "Insurance to Value" accurate calculations of the amount of insurance required to replace the building in the event of a loss.

Building Underwriting Appraisal Reports

Loss Appraisal Reports and Damage Assessment Reports are available to assist the building owner following a loss to the building. These reports provide Reproduction Appraisals of Like, Kind, and Quality (LKQ) on the same site for building losses.

Depreciation Reports and Facility Asset Management Reports, using the Principle of Substitution for Obsolescence, are available for the building owner to ensure sufficient funding is in place to address damage, repair and maintenance.


Building Underwriting Appraisal Reports
Depreciation Reports
Facility Asset Management Reports
Damage Assessment Reports
Loss Appraisal Report

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