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Who We Are

We are building valuation profilers for building owners, insurance policy holders, insurance advocates, lawyers, property managers, brokers, adjusters, insurers... etc. We are there, with our "Insurance to Value" appraisal reports, to offer building owners the security that their buildings are insured to value in the event that a loss should occur. When life does deliver devastating losses caused by disasters such as fires, floods, and wind or just plain age and redundancy, we are there to help, post loss. Our expertise and ability to assess and scope a resolution for property damage, or redesign an existing structure for remedial work, is paramount in finding restoration solutions.

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Founded upon our fundamental values of integrity, knowledge and professionalism, we are building loss specialists with many years of diverse experience in the insurance, restoration, and consulting fields.

In January of 1993, at the request of two major insurers of high value homes, Integral Consultants was formed to perform site surveys and valuations for high value homes in the Lower Mainland. Within months it grew to be a building consulting company specializing in catastrophic losses with respect to determining value, scopes of repair, and assessments of restoration for the settlement of property claims.

Our building report services for building evaluation and loss consulting are now primary segments of the reports provided. We have expanded our operation province wide to efficiently respond to our clientele of building owners, insurance policy holders, lawyers, adjusters, brokers, and underwriters.

Integral's reports, consulting and management services have become recognized and accepted by building owners of residential, agriculture businesses, commercial establishments, institutional risks, and industrial risks as well as by law offices and government bodies.

No Vested Interest

At Integral, our reports are "fee based", not "cost plus" - that can generate higher fees the longer the report takes or "percentage basis" - that can increase the higher the valuation is.


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