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To all prospective clients of INTEGRAL Consulting;

My name is Jeremy Behn. My wife and I spent five years building our custom dream home in the West Kootenays of BC. We lost the house to accidental fire damage in March of 2013. Losing such a labour of love is a traumatic and disorienting experience.

It became clear very quickly that our insurers were not open to discussion or second opinions about the value of our custom home. After intimidation from the insurance companies hired adjusters, we secured the services of an insurance advocate who recommended the abilities of Ron and his company. This was the best move we could have possibly made. The insurance world’s processes and policies are, in my opinion, deliberately convoluted and inaccessible to the average policy holder and adjusters won’t hesitate to manipulate, lie, bully and strategize claimants into submission. I recommend that anyone with a complex claim get help, to ensure you are treated fairly in the assessment of your property and claim.

Ron Wilkes gave us a second opinion and assessment on the value of our home which differed greatly from our insurers. The attention to detail and thorough explanation of how the typical evaluation process is not applicable to custom houses was confident to the point of embarrassing the oppositions assessment. Our insurance company fought us tooth and nail on Ron’s assessment forcing us through three arbitrations which all resulted in our favour.

Ron’s support was unwavering, his compassion for our situation always apparent, his willingness to answer questions and offer advice always available and remarkably he was also willing to jeopardize the security of his own business for the principal of demanding fair treatment for insurance policy holders. Meaning; he and some of his associates were personally threatened with loss of contracts should they continue to expose the abuses we endured throughout our claim.

A long time veteran of the insurance industry, Ron seemingly knows every name, and their history, in the industry, whether reputed to be of integrity or to have followed a more questionable path.

Bottom line is; In a very negative and disheartening exploration of how the insurance world really works, which took us three years from the time we lost our house, Ron was a person who cared about us and our loss, and had the expertise go up against a formidable opponent!

Having Ron navigate us through a quagmire of acronyms and shifting numbers is certainly one of the more sensible investments we have made over the years! It is without hesitation that I recommend you do the same if in a similar predicament.

Thank you again Ron, and your team!


Jeremy Behn
Kaslo, BC

The INTEGRAL team on this case file consisted of

  • In Mission, BC: RON WILKES, Team Leader, Building Loss Specialist, Building Insurance Appraiser, Advocate
  • In Vancouver, BC: RICK PAPPIN, Chief Mediator, Property Insurance Specialist, Advocate
  • In Kelowna, BC: AL BROWN, Certified Building Restorer, Certified Building Inspector, Mediator, Advocate

Please Note:

INTEGRAL BUILDING CONSULTANTS are not public adjusters, but insurance advocates through mediation and arbitration; who work closely with both the insurer and the insured to reach a reasonable settlement.