What They Can’t See Won’t Hurt Them

CASE STUDY – from the files of Integral…………

When we attended the site, the weather was overcast and raining adding to the heavy rain from the night before. The ground and lawn along the north fence line was saturated and wet with standing water. This condition can and has caused erosion, and can weaken the fence posts, etc. It was also observed that the neighboring property, was much lower and had constructed a retaining wall along the fence line on their property. Continue reading What They Can’t See Won’t Hurt Them


What the Depreciation Report Misses


All buildings are built with a purpose in mind. The purpose of a building will define the use and occupancy of that building. The function of that occupancy design can range between 20 – 65 years depending on the use that building receives, and the type of occupancy it is. Also, the type and quality of construction will play a role in its longevity. Continue reading What the Depreciation Report Misses