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The History of the New Floating Dock Systems


While researching the life cycle of a floating dock system using Styrofoam blocks for a strata marina, we did not find very much information regarding the life expectancy; mainly because this system of structure is very new. While attending a meeting with the property manager, maintenance manager, my inspector and myself the subject of highway overpasses in Langley and on the trans-Canada Highway in the lower mainland became a topic of conversation. So, I went back to the drawing board and started researching these Styrofoam blocks used in highway construction. Continue reading The History of the New Floating Dock Systems


Site Survey


What is a site survey?

A building survey is an extensive investigation of the construction of a property to determine its overall condition. The report which is provided consequently includes guidance on maintenance and remedial works. It will also outline defects and will recommend any specialist investigation needed. The scope of the building survey depends on what exactly you want from it. A building loss specialist would not go into detail about heating, electrics or underground drains and if this information is required about those items, other experts would need to investigate. Continue reading Site Survey


Rotten Walls

CASE STUDY – from the files of Integral…………


The retaining wall to the north property line is constructed of treated wood railway ties as shown above, that are of an age that has almost reached its life expectancy. The ties are probably recycled ties that the railway has replaced on their tracks as decay and deterioration is quite evident. Continue reading Rotten Walls