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Qualities of Construction



Buildings in this category are generally constructed to minimum code requirements often with little regard for architectural appearance or other amenities. They are built with minimum investment in mind. Little ornamentation is used and interior partitioning and finish is minimal and/or of low quality. In cities with strong building codes, few low-cost buildings of certain occupancy types are built because of code requirements and the fact that it often is not economical on high-priced land. In some rural communities, the Low Quality category may contain some of the more important buildings in town. The figures in the Calculator Costs are for the center of a range of costs of buildings in the same general category, and are not for the lowest-cost buildings, which could be built. In general, Low-cost dwellings are houses built to conform to a minimum building code. Substandard single-family residences, which were built without any building code control, are given a special classification of Cheap quality. Cheap may also be used to describe a basic shell structure, which is deficient in interior finishes typical of a particular occupancy. Continue reading Qualities of Construction


Owning a Piece of Heaven

CASE STUDY – from the Integral Files ………………

A very large tree, which appears to be healthy, on the neighbor’s property, fell onto the insured’s cabin. It sliced the cabin in half, snapping the foundation beams rendering this packaged cabin as a total loss. The only salvage value would be windows, patio doors, and protecting the front deck from further damage. The front deck has some damage caused by a small tree hitting the railing that was in the way of the larger tree when it fell. Continue reading Owning a Piece of Heaven


Over Spanned & Under Constructed

CASE STUDY – from the Integral Files ………………

It should be noted that an inspection is a visual assessment of the condition of the building at the time of any inspection. The inspection and inspection report are offered as an opinion only. Although every reasonable effort is made to discover and correctly interpret indications of previous or ongoing defects that may be present, it must be understood that no guarantee is implied or responsibility assumed by the inspector or the inspection company of the actual condition of the building or property being examined. Continue reading Over Spanned & Under Constructed