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Other Factors Affecting Valuation Programs Don’t Divulge


Yesterday’s (February 16, 2015) response by Sean Walker, Personal Lines Manager at Axis Insurance Managers Inc., who wrote “You mention to not even attempt an RCT unless it is a spec home. Issue however is that virtually every underwriter will require you to submit this. I agree the valuations we brokers do are often not accurate, but we are only as good as the tools we are provided. Until insurers start appraising every home, I fear RCT’s will continue to be the main source of replacement cost calculations – for better or worse.” has prompted me to write this post for today. Continue reading Other Factors Affecting Valuation Programs Don’t Divulge


We Miss You Already

The Leader ~ The Mentor ~ The Administrator

Also known as

Donna (Cheeseman) ~ Mary-Ellen (Killick) ~ Susan (Mulgrew)

 One of the most successful commercial lines teams in the history of Aviva in Vancouver. Only one left. Here are three of the most respected, knowledgeable, insurance teams in Vancouver has now been broken up and not by their choice.

Editors Note: My phone and email has been overworked since Donna’s departure last Tuesday.

 Posted Thursday, August 25, 2016


Mold in Old Clayburn Village

CASE STUDY – from the Integral Files ………………

A hot water pipe ruptured in the crawl space of this Heritage Home sending a spray of hot water and steam throughout the space. It has affected all the areas of the crawl space as the moisture readings went off the scale. The combination of hot water and steam has produced heavy mold in the crawl space. The ruptured pipe was not discovered until a few weeks after the insured returned home from England. The residence was checked by his son who lived next door on a regular basis but he did not notice any problem. The dirt floor crawl space is restricted in height (between 2 feet and 2 & 1/2 feet in height), and has heavy beams and timbers, heating ducts and runs, and debris. This home was constructed prior to the 1948 Matsqui Flood in British Columbia. Continue reading Mold in Old Clayburn Village