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Let the Games Begin

CASE STUDY – from the Integral Files ………………

Take your average home with a view that was built here in the Lower Mainland on a hillside.

Now add a few years, say 20 give or take a few, with the original owners still living there except that if they walked through the house from the front door to the back door they got sea sick. If nothing was on TV that night, they would drop marbles on the floor and chase them around the house. Here’s why. Continue reading Let the Games Begin



CASE STUDY – from the files of Integral…………

It was about 12:08 pm, just past noon. Rick was sitting at the long table put together by the staff in order to seat the 20 people that had arrived from the shop and office trailer next to the shop. They were there at the local restaurant to celebrate his 50th birthday that cold overcast and blustery day in early January. The waitress was just taking orders for drinks when a loud explosion occurred that rocked the building, rattling all the windows, and shelves and startling everyone there. They all rushed outside to see what happened. Then they heard the sirens of the fire trucks as they raced up the street past the restaurant turning right at the next intersection down the highway that the shop was on. Must have been a bad accident one muttered as they all went back into the restaurant.

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Introduction to Reconstruction


The Reconstruction Cost Method is a simple cost estimating system. Based on the component unit pricing of the structure, and with a minimal number of refinements from a basic reproduction cost table, an accurate replacement cost can be estimated. Because this cost estimating system requires few calculations, it can significantly reduce the amount of time spent per report. Unit costs are provided for most types of structures. Continue reading Introduction to Reconstruction