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Hey, Who Installed the Flashing?

CASE STUDY – from the files of Integral…………

The single-family residence is a two-story frame structure with a walk out basement. It is approximately 14 years old. The affected construction consists of 2 x 4 walls, OSB sheathing, plywood decking, and a manufactured floor joist system. The exterior finishes affected are stucco walls, vinyl deck coating, and aluminum railings. The interior finishes affected are the mirrored wall to the corner fireplace and the fireplace itself. Continue reading Hey, Who Installed the Flashing?


Heritage Restoration



There are numerous old buildings in geographic areas that saw pioneer settlement. These buildings have over the years been converted to other uses or now are hidden by a cloak of disrepair and unconcern. Many have been destroyed by short sighted owners or developers. In addition to their obvious historic value, these buildings can become valuable real estate. There is nothing more exciting to watch than to see these buildings being transformed into their former grandeur. However, the construction process that results in this rehabilitation is a special one. The techniques that a new construction builder uses to ply his trade often do not apply to this type of work. The materials, subcontractors, methods and skills necessary to accomplish a quality restoration are very different from those that are needed to build or remodel a modern structure. Continue reading Heritage Restoration