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Happy Halloween

CASE STUDY – from the files of Integral…………

The elder quietly rose from his bed and wandered into the kitchen. It was 4 am. The cloudy sky from the evening before had lifted. It was a clear brisk night with almost a full moon as he gazed out the kitchen window, running the tap for a glass of water. A strange black cloud hovered over the teen center addition to the band complex that housed the offices, sportsplex, bingo hall, and ceremonial hall as well as the teen center. Wondering what that was he went out onto his deck to take a closer look.

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CASE STUDY – from the files of INTEGRAL…………

The building was an average quality, Class D Shed and Farm Building designed as a Controlled Atmosphere Building. This type of building typically has a life expectancy of 25 years at which time it should be completely retrofitted and updated in order to restore its life expectancy of another 25 years. The condition of the building at the time of the damage indicated that the depreciation factor would be 79 percent.

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We Offer Peace of Mind Through Knowledge and Expertise

This is INTEGRAL’s motto. It is a brand that is earned. Here is the latest testimonial written by our client in his own words.  The INTEGRAL team on this case file consisted of

  • In Mission, BC: RON WILKES, Team Leader, Building Loss Specialist, Building Insurance Appraiser, Advocate
  • In Vancouver, BC: RICK PAPPIN, Chief Mediator, Property Insurance Specialist, Advocate
  • In Kelowna, BC: AL BROWN, Certified Building Restorer, Certified Building Inspector, Mediator, Advocate  Continue reading We Offer Peace of Mind Through Knowledge and Expertise

Why a Building Loss Specialist is Necessary to Analyse Building Values

Quality forms an important part of determining value. Quality is not a generic outlook but it is specific in forming opinions to decide value. An analysis must take into consideration building design, building performance, building occupancy, obsolescence, and potential future use and income potential of the building. Today, the principle of substitution plays an important role as well.

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Got That Sinking Feeling?

CASE STUDY – from the files of INTEGRAL…………

In INTEGRAL’s initial survey of the building, the following conditions were evident:

  • Obsolescence of building design and age
  • Occupancy Design usage changed to add extreme weight and strain to the floor structure with heavy objects
  • The constant pounding of heavy traffic on two streets vibrating the silt that the structure was constructed on, not to mention a side street and alleyway, all next to the exterior walls with a sidewalk in between on the street sides
  • The building’s overall structural integrity had been compromised over the years through renovations
  • The building foundations had cracked and sunk in several areas

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Foundation Repair

From the old Mainland Concrete Lifters Inc. website, following are examples of actual successful foundation repair projects.


Mainland was the “go to” firm for adjusters who had claims involving foundation losses. On the management team of MCL, there was a resident engineer who was a building envelope and structural engineer as well as a geotech. The company was the British Columbian distributer and contractor for the USA firm RamJack. Continue reading Foundation Repair