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Depreciation Reports

Depreciation Reports – Defining the Process




As of December 13, 2011, the Strata Property Act of British Columbia requires Strata Corporations to complete a Depreciation Report by December 13, 2013 and every consecutive three-year period, unless rejected by a three quarter vote by members of the corporation. Because of this action taken by the government, the DEPAR now replaces the LEAR report, which was developed because of the Actual Cash Value Appraisal Report ACVAR. Continue reading Depreciation Reports – Defining the Process


Commercial Building Inspectors

Over the years there has been no hallmark for building inspectors, especially independent home and building inspectors. Well today there is. If a Building Condition Assessment Report is required for a building falling within the categories of agriculture, commercial, industrial, institutional, or residential, the report must be completed by a trained, experienced building inspector. Continue reading Commercial Building Inspectors


Structural Engineering Services

Although this photo does not relate to a building structure per sec, it demonstrates why it is so important to have a structural engineer attend a major occurrence to a building. It is the structural engineer who can verify the safety or the immediate or future collapse of the structure that could result in more damage being caused by a fire, windstorm, or rising water. In this particular case pictured, the bridge was not strong enough structurally to support the added weight of the house moving across it. Continue reading Structural Engineering Services