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A Salmon Runs Through It

CASE STUDY – from the files of Integral…………

This residence, which had suffered a fire loss that severely damaged the roof and gutted the interior, was infringing on the Department of Fisheries setback for a salmon stream that ran through the property. Fifty percent of the home was constructed on this set back. The construction also bordered on the street right of way setback for the municipality it was constructed in. Continue reading A Salmon Runs Through It


A Perfect Recipe for Disaster

 CASE STUDY – from the files of Integral…………


A landslide is a general term used to describe the downwards movement of organic materials, soils, and rocks. This movement is created by pressure caused by the weight of the upper portion of an escarpment. The pressure results in a gravitational flow towards the bottom of that slope.

British Columbia in general is susceptible to this type of activity because of glacial sediments that have occurred over the years. The natural elements that erode the land to cause this type of activity are very common in BC. The province has lots of complex geology in its steep mountainous terrain which unfortunately provides a variety of choice view lots for developing municipalities. The development of these lots eat away at the natural vegetation in urban areas like the Lower Mainland.Three distinct physical events occur during a landslide; the initial slope failure, the subsequent transport, and the final deposition of the materials. This activity can be caused by one or more of the following. Continue reading A Perfect Recipe for Disaster